Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Start of This Week's Ride

Monday morning's commute was a bit of a break from the climbing, Gentle Reader. I took River Rd and when taking that route, I hop onto the Rillito River Bike Path and head East for a few miles before I arrive at Swan--Swan is a busy and fast road and suddenly you're flying and the rush is on through the traffic. For the moment, I'm enjoying the river and the sunrise.

This is John's Carradice bag that he's borrowed to me. Eventually I think I'll try panniers and try to shake off the backpack. Without the backpack it's much cooler--and less weight on the shoulders.

I'm trying to roll/fold clothes--I'll let you know how that goes. Just trying to pack less stuff. I leave shoes and things like that at the office. I have a few sets of work attire stashed and hanging in the office. But what if I must pack clothes for the day? And a lunch? Again, I'll need to master that task. Any tips will be appreciated.

Unfortunately I can't wear work clothes on my commute. Tucson is just too hot and my commute is mostly climbing. Even on cold days, climbing the hills breaks a sweat pretty fast-- bike clothes are the best.

I must tell you that for the first time I can ever remember, my bike clothes didn't dry out during the day as the humidity was so high.



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Sir Bikesalot said...

I use a rack trunk with a seat post clip on rack. I just roll the clothes up and haven't had any problems. Shoes at work is definitely a good idea as that is the one bulky item that is really a pain to carry.

I keep two weeks worth of lunches in the freezer too (shhh don't tell everyone in the office that all of those are MY lunches :) ).