Friday, July 11, 2008

Rain -- I Don't Mind


Pouring rain at the office, then just as I'm about to start off for home--there's a pause. I'm able to get through busy traffic and to the bike route with ease. My fenders do their job well!

Going home I take the bike route for almost 9 miles as its safe and out of busy late afternoon traffic. I did have to use my raincoat, but its plastic and quickly you feel like you're in a sauna. With the fenders on the bike, I stay dry--I don't mind the sprinkles--so nice and cool.

A young Cooper's Hawk was sitting here on this bridge watching the bunnies and little ground squirrels scurry about. I asked him to just wait one more second so I could snap a picture--well he gave me an angry look and swooped over my head with a screech. He wasn't happy having me watch him watch his prey.

As I passed "Bike Hinge" which is on a more remote part of the bike path, I saw a group of about 10 or so field mice sitting on the rocks and stones, watching me with curiosity--their little heads turning in unison as I rode past.

Bev would pick me up at the YMCA. Everything was fine as my fenders kept me dry and clean--however as I just turned the corner to go the quarter-mile or so to the finish, it started to pour down rain. I was soaked, Gentle Reader. Bev arrived a few minutes later and we were on our way home.

I'll ride the 25 miles into work, and coming home Bev will meet me at the YMCA, or possibly I can ride up a few more miles to the Safeway and she would only have to drive 6 or so miles.

The other night coming home--one mile from my house--an impatient blue-collar red-neck sped his pickem' up and deliberately cut me off while I was making a right turn from Tangerine onto Dog Mtn Blvd. A very reckless and dangerous move on his part. Just unbelievable and stupid and not sure what he was trying to prove by almost running me down.

I talked to Bev about it and we decided it was just not worth getting killed a mile from home by some idiot. She'll meet me at the YMCA.

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Dan Trued said...

It's a small world, saw you heading west on Glenn through the Columbus stop sign guessing game. I chickened out, I was in a huge SUV on that rainy day.