Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday Ride in Paradise

Will I ever get to sleep in on a Sunday morning?
John and Larry at the start of our ride at 6am.

My mom mailed me a new bike cap she bought me in Milan--she's been on holiday in Italy--spending up my inheritance.

Old one lane bridge on Eric's GABA route. We're way West of Dog Mtn, Gentle Readers of This Blog. If the lads drop me, I'd be lost out here... But it is quite pleasant--not quite 90 degrees yet--at like 7:30 am on a Sunday morning...

Dave Glasgow invited us to go climb Kitt Peak with him this morning. We can see Kitt Peak clearly in the distance, and we are certain he's at the top right about now. I can just barely keep up with John and Larry--and this is supposed to be a recovery ride for me. No climbing and flat--but there's a head wind and most of the 53 miles we ride, the pavement is rough--sigh!

The desert has it's own harsh yet gentle beauty, mes amis, and on these rural less-traveled roads, one can grasp the frailty of life--birds, rodents, lizards, and insects abound--and by bike there's a chance to glimps that world.

Holy shit! Hey? Where did the desert go?! Gentle Readers--there used to be a ranch here, and some farms--they were run down and looked like crap, but still--Where's the trashy trailer park with the pit bulls that used to chase us? Where will the Rednecks live now? Cock-suckers--They can't afford the ticky-tacky that's gonna be slapped up here at this locality.

I kid you not, this whole area has been freakin' bulldozed. We are headed East on Twin Peaks Rd (part of the El Tour de Tucson route) you go up over a hill, and then you're on Silverbell. This is kind of the dividing line between where the white trash lives and the suburbs begin.

All the new development is to the right of this picture. Larry and John and Yours are about to climb that hill I spoke of which curves up to the right, and then turns into Silverbell. Local riders and El Tour veterans will recognize this road. Just on the other side is I-10.

Sadly, at the top of this road, if you look around, you will see Pichaco Peak 25 miles to the Northwest. I have to tell you that all you can see is bladed landscape for developement--it used to be just farmland. Now all is completely gone.

Desert--sniff and tears
Rednecks-- karma pay-back you's sonsabitches


Anonymous said...

I really admire you guys biking in this HEAT! Wish I could do that. Looks like you get to see many amazing sights. Well maybe I will try when the weather cools down !

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog.
The great thing about cycling where we live is that the mornings are cool and pleasant--however the heat quickly rises so we try to be going home or almost home by 10am.