Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dance like Gwyneth Paltrow is watching...and she wants to bang you

100 degrees seems just fine for me--with the Monsoon Rains making their way into Sonora, the air is clean and my lungs feel like they're getting a break. The super hot dry air makes you tired quickly and you can't really keep cool--but last night I rode home and all was pretty well.

However, someone in a passing car threw a frozen water bottle at me on River Rd as I neared La Canada. They missed, but what struck me was how vigorously the bottle was thrown--a great effort to really try and clobber me! Had it struck me, I am certain it would have knocked me down.

The light turned red, and I knew I had the culprit within range--but a city bus passed me, and then pulled over to stop--I couldn't get around the bus with all the traffic speeding by--so I had to wait. By then the light was green and whom ever threw the bottle was long gone. Oh well...

The good news is that I checked my computer before I left work, and yesterday morning I made it into the office in 59 minutes. Back at the YMCA, my time back was also 59 minutes.

As I've put in some miles and just got it in gear and mashed--I've noticed that the deep lines in my forehead, from stress, have faded. Gosh, I look happy when I looked into the mirror. I hope I can keep up the biking and lose a few more pounds. The thing about riding in this hot weather is that at home, I fade quickly and it takes a lot of effort to make dinner, do dishes, do laundry, etc etc...

As for the illiterate that threw the bottle--there's a special place in Hell for you, you piece of horse shit.



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Susan said...

I'm getting the impression that Tucson isn't the cycling heaven that people think it is.