Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Morning Commute

My morning commute was tough, Gentle Reader of This Blog. I have made the commitment to step up and put in some miles--and of course I am made to pay for getting gear stowed the night before, going to bed early, and jumping out of bed to get on with it.

Strong head-winds clobbered me for the first 10 miles of climbing I have to do to reach Swan and Sunrise. At this intersection, I turn out of the wind and make a four and a half mile descent to my office.

But the wind was unusually strong this morning and the harder I pushed myself up that hill, the weaker my legs felt--and I'm sure the temps were pushing 90. Those four miles to the office I just coasted in, and let the speed of 30 mph dry the sweat that had poured out of my body. When I reached the top of Swan, and paused for a moment to take a drink, I was soaking wet--and I could taste that layer of grime on my lips. With that wind is the hint of rain. I'm hoping for a nice ride home, and don't mind if I get rained on. That's a good feeling for those of us who live in the desert.

Oh yeah, Dr. W beat me to the locker room so I had to wait my turn for the one little shower we have. He tried his best to hurry but I just chilled out and relaxed.



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