Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ride Report

Rode home last night and road in again this morning. Last night I took River Rd. from Swan all the way to La Cholla. It was only 100 degrees and the wind had let up so I rode quite fast. I clocked in at 1 hour and 2 minutes. My ride in yesterday morning was 1 hour and 3 minutes. John Heller phoned me as I was at a stop light so I picked up--he was on his way to the Y. In fact I called him to say I need to run home and take car of a few things--and then he pulled right up beside me. So we had a laugh.

The ride back was good, but I just decided to skip the Y and make myself a nice dinner--and try to relax. And I did just that.

This morning I left again from the Y, but the different thing about this morning's commute is that I didn't carry the backpack. All my stuff I left at work, like clothes and shoes, belt, change of under-roos... I went through the backpack and thought, "Do I really need all this?" I didn't. Since it was Ground Rounds today and they serve a free lunch (to get staff to show up) I didn't have to carry the lunch bucket.

What I'm getting at is that it was just me and the bike, a couple of waterbottles, and wallet keys, ID badge tucked in the jersey. So I look like one of those guys who must be independently wealthy and all I gotta do for my days is ride my bike. Normally I see cyclists like me, carrying stuff to work...

Tomorrow is a drive day, so I'll leave everything here and just pack it all home tomorrow. Its tempting to bring all my stuff home--but why bother? Anyway, I had to wash the backpack in the washing machine and its drying in the bathroom. It was caked with sweat--and my Gentle Ready of This Blog--it was starting to stink.

What does this evening's ride hold? Big Monsoon clouds are looming and it could rain cats and dogs. River Rd is smooth and fast, but would be dangerous in a rain storm. If I feel rain on the way, I'll take the bike path. I would be safer and just as wet.

Its just so tough to get out and do this long commute. Draining is the word--but it will be the only way to lose the extra few pounds I've put on. Even though I'm tired as hell--Dang but I feel that old feeling of a race horse in the starting gate.
Cycling can really get your blood flowing--and at times I get the uphoric sensation of flying; going very fast on a smooth road effortlessly. Fit or fat I must face the fact that I'm not a young dude, skinny and lanky and able to glide past. No matter what my fellow humans think about how I look, at least I'm doing something to try and better my health.

Eventually, I'll start to feel better and have more energy. And when I do get to sleep in, which is rare--I'll enjoy that even more.

Well--here's to a good strong ride home tonight!


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