Saturday, July 21, 2007

Week By Bike

Mornings are beautiful when I set out on the road...

Last week I commuted by bike three days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I would have rode in Wednsday except I was asked to go up to Phx for a meeting... One of the lads called and wanted to go to Frog and Firkin, so I though I'd do that--which means its a drive day. Well, last minute in the afternoon, he couldn't make it. Just as well--I brought my stuff for the Y to meet John. When I got home, and took care of a few things; feeding the dog, starting some laundry, etc--I stretched out on the couch to relax--just for about 10 minutes. Two hours later I woke up with Callie, my dog nudging me with her tennis ball. So we went to the park and it was fun.

Doing the commute from the Y to the office is right at 15 miles, and then the same home. Instead of driving about 24 miles to the office, or let's just say driving 50 miles a day--I drive 20 and ride 30. That saves some gas don't you think?

After work I get ready to roll. Monsoon season in Tucson now--will it rain? One never knows, but it would nice--I believe it will be 102 degrees for the ride home, mes amis!

It always seems I make it to the car then the down pour begins. I didn't get a break all week as it just seemed to start raining as I began to drive home. I love these rides home even though it is over 100--you can smell the rain and feel the wind--a few days this week the wind really made me suffer as it was so strong! But I feel stronger and charge ahead. Never disrespect the wind, Gentle Readers of This Blog--you will pay! After riding for an hour with temps at 102 and 103 in a 20 mph head wind, you may find yourself sitting in front of the tv staring at a blank screen--druel running down your chin... Not that that's happend to me personally...

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