Friday, June 29, 2007


The Prisoner by Rudi Nadler

After work a few nights ago, I dropped by Pima Street Bikes. I had called Phil to make sure he would be there—sometimes he has to leave early—I needed a few tubes…

It’s not often—or ever—that one meets a Jedi Master. But there he was; The Legend—Rudi Nadler… I could tell the moment I met him that this was a man on a much higher level spiritually, and intellectually than most mere members of the mob—like Yours for instance. So I stood humbly checking my manners and waiting as politely as I could while he and Phil, whom I call “The Professor” finished up their business—which was artwork Rudi was giving to Phil and Judy as a gift.

“Phil says you’re the Randonneur.”

Whoa—an audience with the Master. Stand yer arse up straight, Brucie!

Gulp. “Umm—yes…”

“Paris-Brest-Paris… That’s this year? Ah! Yes this Summer. I shall be happy when I’m riding that one day!”

He smiled at me and I felt glad that he knew of us Randonneurs.

“My friend Stef bought a print from you he said…” What a stupid thing for me to say!

“Stef? I remember him—he got the Prisoner. Yes. Do you want one?”

“Umm… I need tubes… yeah—” Think of Napoleon Dynamite when he says to himself “Idiot!”

“Of course! Bye Phil! And Bruce--See you on the road!”

What a cool Dude. We shook hands and he was off on his single speed.


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