Saturday, July 21, 2007

Metal Cowboy

It gets decided we'll ride to the Marana Stockyards where there's a cafe. The guys have never told me about this place and I'm like, where?

Farmland West of Interstate 10, Marana, Arizona. If you read this blog enough you will recognize Picacho Peak--about 20 miles Northwest.

Chance of rain this morning? Best thing so far is that its been a cool morning.

I'm not one to mix with Rednecks, but Larry assures me that these folks will be Ranchers. After all, says Larry--We're Metal Cowboys...

The road Larry takes us on in one I'm not familiar with. Eric says it won't go through, and we'll be lost... Mes amis! Just get me there, I'm hungry!

Parsons Ranch... Larry knows about the ranching family out here. They're big time rodeo people too. Farming, ranching, etc, and there's horses everywhere. Some are for work and others look like pets and show horses...

The Parsons Family owns the stockyards. The cafe is inside, I recon...

Dismount, fellas. We can park our bikes inside. Hey, I think I'm gonna like it here!

Had we ridden our horses, we can tie them up in the lobby--so they told me--but there's none this morning.

Possibly we can play donkey basket ball after chowin' down...

The arena.

Coming out for a sale would be fun to watch. This is big money, by the way, Gentle Reader, and serious business!

Steers and queers--which one are you, Boy?!

Our table in the cafe.

Chicken fried steak for me--and I am happy to report that is was just as good if not better than the Hungry Fox!


The Wing, Bruce, Larry

Saddle up, move 'em out! We're on the road once more.

Eric and John

We are heading due East. You can see the Tortolita Mountains in the fore ground, and Mt. Lemon in the background.

This sign is the Marana exit off Interstate 10. If you look to the lower right corner of the green sign, you can see where I live, Gentle Readers of This Blog. Its called Dove Mountain and all my friends like to call it Dog Mtn, or Dog Patch. My place is modest but there are lots of rich old bastards that live up there. Its pretty alright, but how many golf course do we need in Dog Patch?

Who cares? (they don't) Just throw another Pigmy Owl on the barbeque for me, Pardner!

We're on the Frontage Rd headed South. The Monsoons have made every thing green. That's Panther Peak back there I believe. John lives near there, where we started from this morning.

Ranch and Farm give way to Industry and Interstate--on to the Suburbs! Yee Haw!


P.S. said...

Great pictures. What kind of camera are you using?

Any tips for getting non-blurry photos while in motion?

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Gentle Reader,

Thank you for looking at my blog! I have a Kodak EasyShare Z730--with 4x zoom and 5.0 Megapixels. My first real digital camera and I paid about $250.00 for it, and about $35 for more memory.

I bought it at a place like Office Max or Office Depot, and felt lucky that one of the guys working there actually knew a bit about cameras.

I got this camera because I could aim and shoot with one hand, so the camera is a bit larger--not like an elf or little camera like that. Plus, I felt that the price was okay in case I dropped it, or fell off the bike and broke it. The camera fits pretty well in the bike jersey back pocket--and will automatically shut itself off, etc. I believe its a pretty rugged camera...

I use the auto setting to take these pictures--and the wide and tight angle is on the top and easy for me to adjust with one hand. The view screen is such that I can aim pretty well, but the camera also has a view finder.

Gentle Reader, you must know that I take about 50 to 80 photos, and most don't turn out. I have Photoshop and edit the images that make it to the blog a great deal--I crop them and resize the file size so they load faster in the blog.

I have to say that the camera rarely takes a blurry shot so I consider that pretty lucky.