Thursday, August 18, 2005

An "Unplesant Exchange" at the Library

Dear Gentle Reader.

I am back in the saddle and all is well. I've had a few days to cool off from an "unplesant exchange" wilst leaving my job the other day--I will relay it to you. You will no doubt be shaking your head in disbelief, mes amis. If only I would have had my gloch, I wud ah capped them bitches...

I am leaving out the side entrance of the library, which requires me to cross into several short hallways, past the medical bookstore, then I am out and on my way to bike home. These exits are lightly used--mainly for deliveries--and people sneaking in cause they're late... Monday, as I was leaving, two very nasty and mean old ladies decided to give me a lecture on having my bike in the building -- and I got quite pissed off and ended up telling them to go take a flying fuck.

As I was riding home I realized they were faculty of the College of Nursing (actually--it figures) but oh shit, they might have my boss, or UAPD on my upiddyass.

First of all--I was not in their way, or obstructing their progress toward the exit. Secondly, these two, early 50s and quite obese and greying fat tubs of goo, were using these particular hallways and exits because they had to take the medschool elevator to get their fat asses to and fro--because they were most likely to physically challenged to walk up and down the stairs... You probably can picture the type.

My friend and colleauge, Stefan Walz, who himself has had enough of this kind of shit, has simplified his reaction to these kind of people.

On being confronted by them--
Say the following. "Okay. If I have pissed you off that bad by riding my bike--You want a piece of me? Okay. Bring it on--if you think you can beat the shit out of me, let's go..."

I like that--they just drive away... I always figured I would say something like. "Kiss my Ass." or "You're a pussy." In fact, that's what I do say.

But, I think I was fond of, "Why don't you step outta your car--and let's see how tough you are--pussy..."

Because they won't. I just don't get it. I ride to work on routes that make it easy for cars. I aways give cars room. Everytime I've had some idiot yell or honk me it has just been because they don't like something they don't know about. They would say something to me if I was a black man or a mexican or a chinaman, walking along with my white wife or girlfriend. Or a white guy walking down the street with a mexican girlfriend, or a black girlfriend, or a boyfriend that was half chinese and half mexican.

They would just have to say something mean... as they safely sped away in their SUV--cause they got status, Baby!

But you say that kinda shit to somebody to their face--like these ladies did--whoa, sukah, y'all get yer ass kicked!

Well Folks, my new address in prision is BR 549 West Prison Road, Florence, Arizona.... hheee he hee, just kiddin'

"Kant vee all jus-- git along?"

Hey--keep checking back because Steve and I are doing an Epic ride this weekend--lots of pictures and stories about our trip!

Allure Libre!

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