Friday, August 05, 2005

46 minutes -- 19.5 mph average speed, Baby!

My ride in was good. I felt strong. 46 minutes to ride my 15 miles to work--that's 19.5 mph average speed. Mostly I stayed in my aero bars, and I feel the interval training I do on River Rd, where I ride as hard and fast as I can for the two and three mile streches, is paying off.

I also have a two and half mile stretch on Thornydale were I can ride 27 - 29 mph if I really push it--and if I get the green light at Ina Rd, sometimes I can get to Orange Grove, and if a green light there--I'm on River and River is where I get my speed. So, if I can keep the speed I gain coming down Thornydale from Arthur Pack Park, and make it throught the lights, I can maintain speeps of 23 - 26 mph over about 7 or 8 miles.

But, alas, Gentle Readers, I'm hardly the bike stud--I'm too old now to be a breaking any records. My hope would be able to ride fast--with some comfort--on my brevets next year.

Like the 400 K ... I was feeling really good, thanks to Mike, Rich, and Steve, and miles and miles of working our most excellent pace line. The last 35 miles, Steve and I just cooked down the road and it was fun to get in the bars and just hammer down! Some of you might recall my story about this ride--when in Eloy, a drunk guy staggard out of a bar, and then stepped out off the curb right in front of me--I just missed him. Steve and I were hauling ass--it would have killed him if I had collided with the poor fellow, and I probably would have been hurt bad myself. So, I try to be careful and alert at all times.

Hey! Are you paying attention! See! See how easy it is to get distracted!

It's Friday. I'm going on vacation to LA for a week-- blog will be silent. Until then!


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