Monday, August 29, 2005

Ride Report, Bebe!

Mes amis, you must know that school has started and all the students are back, and the library is a happenin' place. Girls are freakin' everywhere--I love this job!

Yes, I'm happy to report that I rode in today and all is well. My handle bars are loose on the Lemond, and I'm too lazy to fix them. Actually it was cool because they were just set the way they were set since put together. When they got loose I was able to experiment to find a comfy position--but I'll do that later when I have some time.

So I charged in on the Monsoon bike--I feel like such a stud when I pass the lines of cars waiting to go and then wait thru yet another light. See I left late and there was more traffic than I'm used to. It was 7am --usually I'm in my office by 7:05 am, so it was surprising to note how slow and backed-up traffic was. There was headwind worth mentioning, and I got tired of fighting, so I just relaxed...

I must tell you all that I got caught in a traffic jam on I-10 last night after work. It took me an hour to get home. There was construction, and then people in a hurry to be first through caused a minor fender-bender where traffic merged. Yeah, it sucked all right--then it began to feel like torture!

Anyway, I still don't have a final go-ahead to ride in the Cochise Classic from Bev. Time is running out to commit...

Stef told us a great story about the Saturday morning shoot-out. Where a few pros taunt the posers and run them into the ground. I should try it sometime as a change. I feel fit and able to ride the long brevets, and a 250 mile ride like Cochise, but it would be fun just to try it with Team Mooney--Stef and the lads would give me the low-down--so when I got dropped I'd know how to get back home...

I will do the El Tour training rides because there are cool and laid back riders to hang with--but I have to ride in a pack to get under 6 hours for El Tour--that is a goal that's worth doing. Right now my best time is about 6 hours and 40 minutes; a respectable time. I'm just not fast or fit enough to hang on to a paceline and get that good time.

So I'm off the subject--got to ride home soon... 107 outside... Hmmm... Do I have cold beer at home in the fridge? I hope so--it will taste good tonight.


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