Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My rant over--back to the bike...


I've been ridding in. It was a week since my last commute and I must say my lungs burned a bit. Not much to report on other than I lived to blog once more.

Last night, at the very busy corner of Ina and Thornydale, I little runt of a cyclists passed me on the big climb--didn't even say hello or acknowledge I was there. He thought he had left the Big Guy in the dust, but I was not far behind him and gaining on his skinny butt. All the way up Thornydale he kept looking behind him to see me closing the gap. He was getting tired and kept looking behind him to see where I was. Eventually the head wind wore him out, and at the light at Cortoro Road I passed him--and he wasn't very happy about it.

This morning I had to try and ride as hard as I could to make up some time--because I dragged my ass getting started. Well, that plan didn't work for long because the head wind spanked some sense into me. So I put Beuna Vista Social Club on the IPod, and just took it easy.

Coming up Mountain Ave, I passed what looked like a very serious cyclist cooling down and taking it easy. We both said hello. A ways up on Mountain, I saw a young co-ed, in some very tight shorts, walking her little dog--and I kinda rubber-necked the ol' bike helmet to prolong my viewing time.

The other cyclists was about a car's lenghth behind me, and he was checking out this girl too--just then a lady in a huge SUV pulled out--not stopping at the stop sign, of course--and she's in the bike lane and into the street, yacking on her cell. We just miss crashing into the side of her SUV.

So this other guy's just shaking his head and laughing. I tell him I'm turning off to head into the office and he says take it easy.


Jim W said...

Love your prose mon frere. Keep it up (in all senses of the phrase). Keep writing on.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Bon jour Jgym eee. How is Florida? You still sailing? Still writing and teaching and smoking and drinking and farting and coughing and all that stuff?

Thanks for reading the flog, Baby