Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Day I Knew Would Come, or, Mean People Suck

UAPD put out a warning to all skateboarders and bicyclists that they were enforcing a no-tolorance policy about "hot dogging" on campus. That would mean skateboarders doing tricks, and dudes with those BMX-type bikes would be arrested if caught grinding on handrails and walls, and on sculpture, etc. The bulletin wasn't geared toward students biking on campus or commuters.

However, I believe my supervisor, whom I don't really care for very much, saw a chance to be mean and suggested to the library director that I be forbidden to have my bike parked here in the office. Supposedly he sent me an email to that effect, which I never saw.

This morning my supervisor came banging on my door and made some comments about my bike. Naturally I was suspicious and I didn't know what email she was talking about. Our director came by and I asked him about it--about an hour later, the email showed up.

Anyway, I told him it would take a couple of days for me to come up with an alternate plan so he will let me lock the bike in a store room downstairs.

Last year I tried to get a bike locker but I was told they were for UMC employees only. I'll have one of my friends that works at UMC see if they can rent the locker and I'll use it for my bike.

Actually I knew this day would come, but not under these circumstances--at least I didn't or haven't got a fine yet--there were those two fat bitches I wrote about a few weeks ago, you know, the two women that are so fat they have to use the freight elevator to get back and forth from their offices. Yeah, mean people suck...

I did have a strong commute home last night--nothing to report there--and this morning, the ride was good and I felt strong. I actually road a few miles with two women out for a spin. They were very pleasant and on their way to breakfast. They asked me to join them--very cool of them--but I was on the desk for the early shift and had to decline.

So for every mean person, there's two nice ones just ahead.


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Stefan Walz said...

Be strong pardner. Perhaps UAPD should post a similar memo stating all those that ride bikes are thereby fighting the capitalists pigs that overcharge for gas...therefore all those riding bikes to work will be rewarded daily with a personal assistant to watch over the bike and belongings while you do your work. Because you have more things to worry about than trying to find some other safe place to put your bike because so stupid fuck can't stand the fact that you park it in your office. Word