Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sunburned Lips, but Undaunted!

Well, I want to say its been nice driving into work this week--but it has sucked. I just had shit to do and got sleepy and other excuses. But I do have two changes of clothes here in the office, so that will save me some time ironing! Ironing clothes is fuckedup--I hate it--I could be sleeping...

Somehow I ended up getting my lips sunburned--Geez, but its not fun. They're peeling. And everytime one of the guys has a wisecrack and I laugh, my lower lip splits open and bleeds--thought all of you would like to know that!

But does that stop the Randonneur from his sick pursuit of ulta distance? Non, jamais, mes amis, jamais! Other than being asleep at my desk for a few days, I am 100%

More adventures to come! Who knows who I may meet on the road!

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