Friday, August 07, 2009

You Are Not the First -- You Will Not Be the Last

We went out on the Frontage Rd—heading up to Picacho Peak for an out-n-back. spin. The Frontage Rd is also called the Casa Grande Hyw. We know it was the old Army Supply and Patrol Trail and then it became the old stage coach line.

Heading South you get a pretty nice tailwind—and you must enjoy it while you can because on the return it will be an in-yer-face headwind.

There’s a DQ there by the Peak and we’ll turn around and come back. I have been told that the stage coach stop was nearby. I’m not sure exactly where but we are on the same route they would have taken.

Rest in Peace—if that’s possible. The roar of I-10 traffic is often deafening, mes amis.

We got to about Red Rock and decided we would turn around. The wind was really picking up—also, Wing needed to get back by 9:30 to have time for an appointment.

This huge wall was built to block out noise from the freeway to the school. The Great Wall of Marana, I suppose you could call it. It’s butt ugly. I wonder how much it cost to build?

We tour the Great Wall.

Give me Saguaro Nat’l Park any day!

Cheers! Bruce


Anonymous said...

The Great Wall of Marana. That's good stuff Bruce...although I prefer to call it Marinera.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

They need to build a wall to block out the shit hole which actually is Marana. They have already changed our zip codes--I live on the side of the Interstate (the East side) that has the affluent zip code. The other side--who cares what z-code they have! Ha ha ha ha!