Thursday, August 20, 2009

Straight Shot

North on Swan Ave. to Sunrise Dr. for that lovely after work climb with the jolly 'ol headwind.

The morning ride into the office was Heaven, Gentle Readers. The last few days the Monsoons have brought with it a slight hint of Fall. It is hard to believe that September is right around the corner--a gentle fragrance on the wind let's you know.

Out of the office chair and onto the bike for an awesome ride home!

The Monsoons, with rain and wind, are coming back through for another visit, mes amis. Out the door of the office and the air is thick and hot; temperature is 105 degrees. Employees of the San shuffle like zombies to their automobiles, but Bruce's Blood has switched mixture; thinned and full of oxygen--I'm taking deep breathes to let that furnace-like air heat up my lungs.

This is kind of like easing into that cool river or the swimming hole--it takes a moment for your body to adjust. Its just the opposite here in Tucson. You've been in the office with your arse in a chair--now you're walking from 77 degrees (or colder) into 105.

Next I glide through about a mile of heavy rush hour congestion on Swan Ave right by the San. It starts to thin out as I start my big climb up to the base of the ridge, into the foothills where all the rich people got their pink faux-adobes.

Looking back down into the city.

I've turned around to get a shot of the Monsoon storm that's headed our way. I don't know why there's a headwind pounding me. You'd think there would be a tailwind--must be the ridge and how the wind courses through the topography.

Bike Lane and its all mine, Bitches!

My big climb out of the way first thing, now I'm headed West and its a straight shot home on Sunrise/Ina Rd. Actually there's a few rollers on Sunrise that are challenging--and the bike lane narrows, and commuters are speeding within inches of me it seems. Then I finally reach the top just past Campbell Ave, where Sunrise changes to Ina--and the bike lane is wide, smooth, and I can ride very very fast.

There's a speed photo camera about half-way down, and there's always one fucktard abruptly slowing to 30 MPH or less--Geez so damn stupid and dangerous! Anyway, as everyone is suddenly having to put on their brakes, I'm passing 'em on the bike.

For the rest of the ride home there's heavy traffic. I wouldn't call it rush hour because for the most part I'm riding faster or just as fast as the cars. With a slight descent all the way for miles, and a smooth wide bike lane, I've really gained speed and its fun to hammer home.

Well, there you have it, Gentler Readers of This Blog. I live to ride and blog yet another day.

Cheers! Bruce

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Doohickie said...

I've noticed the cooler temps in the afternoon and evening too. We're quickly coming into ideal riding weather. The only downside is that for some reason, it's been insanely humid in the mornings.