Monday, August 31, 2009

Jimena and Her Friends

Lovely morning to commute by bike in Tucson.

There's nothing better than to roll down the road with light traffic, in 75 to 80 degree sweet morning desert air, mes amis. There's Hurricane Jimena off the coast of Baja, Mexico, and this has got the Tucson Monsoon engine building up once again.

Last day of August--the best morning ever!

When I'm on the road in the morning I tend to forget that the afternoon will be with heat, heavy car traffic, and stiff headwinds. Ah but I don't care--just enjoy the hour of peace and sun and sky--everything else, my troubles, can melt away.

Her she comes!

All during the day I was checking outside--it had reached 105 and it was very humid! But then, Gentle Readers of This Blog, wind and clouds appeared and by the time I was getting ready to saddle-up--the temp had dropped almost 20 degrees!

With no headwind out of the Northwest, I fly up the road!

Outside, that tailwind you dream about is flowing full steam. Jimena, I think I love you, Baby! The moment I clip in and start up the street--whoosh! I am cruising along fast. The clouds are dark and swirl and wave like the beautiful Mexican woman I see here at the San most days--it will pour any second now I'm sure.

Being carried by the winds of Jimena.

The clouds are moving fast to the Northwest and I'm riding the wind. It soon becomes clear that I'm riding up to the storm. I just need to take it easy and let Jimena's breeze carry me along--I can see the sheets of rain pouring down only blocks ahead of me--I'm moving at the same speed as the storm. Everything is soaked and not one drop touches me. I got lucky this time, mes amis. Jimena will be here and it will be raining most of the week. I don't know how many days I'll get to ride.

Cheers! Bruce

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