Monday, August 03, 2009

Mt. Lemmon Spin

The temperature begins to cool off considerably as we climb up Mt. Lemmon Hwy!

Ryan and I meet at the Desert San. We'll drive part way up the mountain and look for a good place to start the ride.

Ryan talks me into a quick ride up Mt. Lemmon--I get off work a bit early and we'll drive to Bear Canyon Campground. Riding up Mt. Lemmon can be a hot, rough, all-day affair mes amis. Driving up and starting at a cooler place, rather than starting at the base (104 degrees for that day) works for me. Plus, both of us have to get back home before dark per instructions from the wives...

Ryan up front. I believe its a great 85 degrees--perfect for riding!

I've just passed Windy Vista and I think we're about 6,000 feet.

Now we're in the pines, and I'm loving it because my commutes home in the afternoons have been over 100 degrees all last week.

Its been a while since I've been on the Mt.

Ryan is riding strong, as you would expect a lad who's grown up in Prescott, Arizona.

I've commuted all week on the Trek 2.3--things are going well on the Mt.

The TV Towers on top of Mt. Lemmon, about 8,100 feet--or maybe its around 9,000.

I had a long week at the office as well as commuting 130 miles for the week. It was tough for me starting out and I felt pretty weak on the climbs--I had to stop several times before I could really get things right--it could have been the altitude. Eventually I got into my groove and we were on our way up.

Almost to the top.

Air is fresh and clean up here. My lungs are finally working...

The ride down.

The Trek had a little bit of a wobble on the way down so I had to take it easy. I think it was on account of me riding on a flat tire earlier in the week. The front wheel needs to be trued-up.

Thimble Peak that you see there.

Ryan, The Old Sport, seems to be having a religious experience!

Cheers! Bruce


Ryan said...

Ah, good times Bruce.
I think I'll tackle the beast from the bottom later this week--get a nice and early start.

Sir Bikesalot said...

I am pretty jealous. I have been working on finding the highest hills around here within 50 miles and riding them and the best I can do is two rides with a 4600' top altitude. At least I'll be able to have a nice all day cool ride in a few weeks on the brevet.