Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Rain in Spain

Brisk morning ride on the bike path.

I took the short commute on the bike path--just 10 miles--because rain was on the way for early afternoon. That means that as I walk out the door after work, I seem to surprise the rain clouds like some big sleeping cat. After I clip in and then spin down the road a mile or so, the rain pounces on me. Just in case, I want to be on the bike path because riding in rush hour traffic here in Tucson in one thing, but in the pouring rain is even more dangerous.

Parking lot as I'm hopping in the saddle for the morning commute.

Riding underneath the Alvernon Bridge I believe, heading East on the bike route.

I can ride the bike path for about 10 miles of my 16 mile commute. No lights to stop at and no other obstacles usually--so it can be fast. One needs to just slow down and be considerate of walkers and joggers.

Normally I don't use the IPod on the bike, but with no car traffic I think I'm okay.

The Desert Sanatorium about three miles out. My office sits right underneath the old water tower which dates from the 1920's.

I noticed the San's old water tower, built during the TB Sanitarium days, from the morning Sun hitting it just so--I had to zoom to get this for you, mes amis. The bike path used to be horseback riding trails used by guests of the Dude Ranches, and by cowboys back then.

Monsoon rain clouds are coming in fast. Here's the water tower how I see it walking to the office from the bike lockers.

I think I called this one right today. I'll probably just make it to the car then it will pour down--or I will be about five minutes from the car and suddenly I'll get drenched.

Here's the rain coming up behind me from the Southeast, out of Old Mexico and the Gulf.

The rain coat is packed on board just in case, but it looks like I made it and stayed dry.

My ride home wasn't an easy one, Gentle Readers of This Blog--I had a strong headwind that made me have to push it to average my usual 15 MPH on the bike path. The IPod is of not much use because the wind roars like a lion as you slip through its steady energy.

Just in time, then the lovely cool down-pour!

Cheers! Bruce


Big Oak said...

Great photos! Riding in the rain can be fun, but I, too, get nervous around cars in the rain.

Doohickie said...

I caught some rain on the way to work Friday. It was just sprinkles. We got a good downpour at lunchtime but I brought my lunch so it was all good.

By the end of the day it was nice again.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hello Gentlemen!
Rain makes Tucson people all giddy. Their minds wander off, and their cars wander into the bike lane... Cheers! Bruce