Monday, August 10, 2009

Sonora Implants

Fake saguaro cactus on Craycroft Rd.

I know there are a couple of faux saguaro on my commute route. They’re cell phone towers—I spotted the one, but apparently I ride right past the other big fake one and I don’t even realize it standing there by the road.

In the bike lane on the way to work.

Top of Sunrise Dr. and my climb--through this light and a right just aways up the road--and I'm on the way down into the Heart of The City of Tucson, Arizona. Yippee!

Don't stare--keep reading my lovely prose!

Which brings to mind the boob job I saw on a women this morning. I stopped on the road to check something on the front tire as it was jiggling. On this part of the commute route, mes amis, the shacks cost a few cool million bucks and folks is rich. Anyway this handsome woman in designer athletic apparel was walking past when I looked up and saw her. “Fake” was the first thing that came to my mind, not that I care—just the way she was dressed and everything, it was kind of like, “Look at my great set of boobs, bitches! You too, guy on a bike…”

This is a children's book written by a plasitc surgeon that explains boob jobs, nose jobs, and tummy tucks.

Allure Libre! Bruce

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