Monday, June 29, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness

Mt. Lemmon and Moore Rd, heading East into the hot muggy morning air.

Saturday morning, Little Egypt and I were leaving on a quick errand by car, when at the light at Dog Mtn and Tangerine, a very svelte woman cyclist stopped and turned around to head back up the road. I didn't say anything or stare or do anything stupid like spin my head around--but I knew that Little Egypt was thinking to herself that I'd rather be out riding with Ms. Super Tight Lycra than going to Macy's to return an over-priced handbag.

Many many cyclists out on the road, so Sunday I was up early, the Raleigh stripped of all the saddle bags--a Cliff Bar in my pocket and money for the cafe--and I was off.

Off into the Furnace, mes amis--what is this? It is 6:30 a.m. and its 90 degrees! It is so humid that I'm sweating a river!

On Moore road, I see a cyclist up ahead of me, so I begin the pursuit to catch them. The air is like pudding but I figure the chap up ahead is suffering the same as me. It's only a matter of minutes before I catch him, I think to myself. Instinctively, I look over my shoulder, and yes Gentle Readers of This Blog, there's a pack of riders in pursuit of me!

I do catch up to the rider, a girl but she turns off, I start to follow, but I see the group of three riders that have been coming behind me, so I circle back to see if I can catch on to their group--they turn to follow me--and pull around and jump in. Friendly greetings are exchanged and I am welcomed aboard.

After a moment-- "Rob?" I say. "Bruce?" It is in fact Dr. A, from the Desert San. I see Dr. A all the time around the San--I recognized his voice but not the man as we're both out of our respected professional uniforms. But its not Dr. A its always Rob--Dr. A when residents are around but that's okay.

These boys ride fast, and soon we're in a tight paceline taking turns pulling through scenic Rancho Vistoso. We take routes I've not been on before as they start to make their way back home. This was a fun change for me. And I was actually able to keep up on the Super Grand Prix with the docs' riding their super expensive Italian carbon rides.

Monsoon Sun--and the rain clouds pay Mt. Lemmon a toll of sweet morning rain drops as they pass over the desert.

They were on their way back to town and I split off back for Dog Mtn. I popped right onto La Canada in the heart of Oro Valley, and had to climb out and then to Moore Rd. It was a short ride but very fast--but now it seemed going back by myself, it was hotter and I was out of water. Only 8:30 in the morning and already the heat and humidity make is seem like the afternoon.

Pulling into the cafe, I was caked with sweat and salt--and I needed coffee to boot!

Cheers! Bruce

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