Monday, June 22, 2009

Parade Rest

The Quartermaster's Call. The Sun comes up on the Quartermaster as he looks out over the old parade grounds.

I'm back from vacation and biking into the office is business as usual. But I wanted to share with you part of my commute. The Desert San is only about a half mile from the Old Territorial Out Post of Ft. Lowell. I ride past the Fort almost every day. Craycroft, the last busy street I'm on, I have discovered, cuts right through the original Parade Grounds of the Fort.

Part of the original fort dating around the 1870's.

The Historic Fort has been restored on the East side of Craycroft and rests in Ft. Lowell Park. The West side of the street is the rest of the historic site and seems to be an archeology site.

I ride right through what was once the old Parade Grounds.

Adobe brick buildings eventually melt back into the desert.

I've not ever paid too much attention to the rest of the old fort right on the West side of the street. I'm too busy looking out for speeders--there's a road that merges onto Craycroft that motorists take. Normally a motorcycle cop waits there to give out tickets. Today traffic was light so I stopped by the site to snap a few quick photos.

This was a post store from the maps I looked at across from the other side.

Cloud cover shades me from the glaring sun for the ride home.

Heading West into the rain clouds passing through Tucson.

It poured rain all day but then passed by the afternoon for my ride. Seems when the rains come, the pattern calls for showers in the late morning and stopping by the afternoon. It was cool and the usual headwind from the west was no where around.

Dinner for coyotes, mes amis...

Mt. Lemmon catches a few rays.

About six more miles until I reach the YMCA. Here I'm back into traffic and I'll start my climb up busy La Cholla.

Cheers! Bruce

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