Monday, June 01, 2009


Eric leads us to Sabino Canyon, actually on my regular commute route, and then we’ll come back via River Rd. All in all it will be a 40 mile round-trip social ride.

It was pretty much the gang for our Sunday morning ride. My God, but can you imagine yourself getting up at 5 a.m. to get ready to roll out for a bike ride, Gentle Reader of This Blog?

East on Ina--the road turns into Sunrise here at Campbell Ave.

In the Desert, you must rise at this hour or suffer the consequences. That is why every detail is pre-arranged and packed and in place such that all one has to do is get out of bed, put on bike clothes, and go out the door. Every minute of sleep in squeezed out before the alarm clock wakes you up.

Joan and Cathy at Sabino Canyon.

We planned to ride to the top of Sabino Canyon, one of the most beautiful spots in Tucson. But when we arrived, it was like Grand Central Station—all the runners and walkers and tourists were there and it’s just too hard to ride through the throngs of people. So we just chilled out in the shade of the Ramada at the Visitors Center.

Larry and Joan are preparing for a six-week trek along the C and O Canal. Larry can easily carry up to 60 lbs. when fully loaded—Joan probably as much.

Waiting for our friends to catch up—we’re a few miles out of Sabino Canyon and on our way to River Rd.

Joan had a few minor problems leaving Sabino Canyon, and then a flat tire that was not easy to fix right away. We re-grouped several times but it was getting late—and the sun was starting to beat down.

Instead of stopping for breakfast, I decided that I’d keep going and get back home. I promised Little Egypt I’d be back before 10 a.m. and it was already close to that time and I had about 10 miles to ride.

Cooper's Hawk.

Just as I was through the intersection at River and Stone, there was a bonk on my helmet. I thought for a moment a passing motorist has throw something at me. But it was a hawk, and it was coming back for another pass—I ducked and it just missed—as it turned I recognized it as a Cooper’s hawk. I don’t know where the nest was but I wasn’t going to stick around; something scary about being chased off by a hawk.

I’m outta here!

Cheers! Bruce

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Big Oak said...

Awesome to be tapped by a Cooper's Hawk. I've been dive bombed by red winged blackbirds. But a hawk is awesome! Yet another good reason to wear helmets, eh?