Saturday, June 27, 2009

2002 LeMond Buenos Aires

Pima Street Bikes, Tucson, Arizona.

I handed over the LeMond to Phil and Judy this past Friday at lunch time. This week they’ll transfer all the components to the Trek 2.3 replacement frame. Phil’s is the only shop I trust with such a job—I know he’ll do it right. There’s probably a few other shops that would do a good job, but Phil is the Master. Phil and Judy don’t need to sell bikes as they make enough just repairing to keep things going. Like a medical practice, I have to fit this matter into their schedule—they are always in demand. It’s usually Judy that has to shoo me out so she can get to work.

I became quite attached to this bike. My father was in the process of dying of cancer in 2001, and I had been shuffling back and forth from Tucson to Oklahoma quite a bit that year.

We watched many stages of the Tour de France that July—and Tulsa in July is a tough month, mes amis, because it’s so hot and humid. Best to just sit in the AC, watch TV and relax, sip a beer and take in the French Country side. As always, I had to get back to work and Tucson, and he died just before the last few stages.

Later, when all the money shook out from insurance and whatever, and my brother and sister got a bit of cash—there appeared to be an extra $2000 policy on me that the old man had set up way back. My mom sent it to me and said it was not to be used for a washer and dryer, or refrigerator—we had just bought a new house and mine got used for that—no it was for the road bike.

The LeMond was steel and now the Trek will be a composite of aluminum and carbon fiber. It seems appropriate that the new bike arrives at the start of the TDF—and I will be putting the “Le Trek” through the rigors of commuting, Gates Pass, Saguaro Nat’l Park, and brevets.

Da—Rest In Peace

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Sir Bikesalot said...

Nice. It may not be about the bike,... but still... A good bike is a good friend. Time to cherish the memories of the old, and use the new one to make many more..