Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swiss Steel

Ryan meets me at the bike lockers.

My old university chum Ryan, now independently wealthy, self-employed, and collector of the rare and obscure European road bike--joins me for the commute home on the bike path.

Packed and ready to roll out.

I must tell you Gentler Readers of This Blog, that its probably about 102 or 103 degrees this late afternoon. This is probably one of the hottest days so far in June--but we need this heat to generate the Monsoon Season here in the Sonoran Desert.

The night before as I packed up the bike, I could feel the steady stream of air moving up from the Gulf of Mexico--and that sweet scent of rain was on board too. Well, it was not quite here yet but the wind was! The clouds are just to the the East of Tucson and on the way.

Braving the busy Tucson streets.

I asked Ryan if he would ride with me on the bike path until it ends for me at River Rd and La Cholla. He'll turn around and head back into Tucson, and I will ride the remaining five or so miles to the YMCA and my car.

Heading West on the River Bike Path.

Very very hot today, well over 100 degrees.

I was hoping for the wind to let up, but for some reason, the headwind out of the West was stronger than usual. Ryan is fit and having no trouble slicing through the wind with his very sweet bike--made in Sweden or Switzerland I believe he said. Also mechanically inclined, Ryan is able to restore and fix most things. A steel-lugged frame made from Swiss Steel, the bike is light quick and probably of better quality than those slutty looking carbon monstrosities you see these days.

Sweet Steel.

I see a lot of guys riding some expensive bikes--you know the ones--they sit in the garage most of the year until a few weeks before El Tour. Those kinds of bikes can't take the punishment of everyday commuting and the even more brutal brevets. Nor could their ass after riding 30 or 40 miles.

We've reached pretty much the end of the River Bike Path. From the Desert San to here has been about 11 miles. Ryan will turn around and head back home as he lives near the San, and I will do the last climb of the day and then I'm at the car for a short drive home.

Cheers! Bruce

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Big Oak said...

It reached 90 degrees yesterday and I thought I would melt on my ride home. I can't imagine that plus 10 degrees for the next 3 months. Stay cool!