Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tucson Monsoon Time

Monsoon clouds coming in from the South East--Gulf of Mexico.

One thing about being on a bike is that you can see the Monsoon making its way into the Desert. Most of the time I am able to get home right before the rains start. It starts out clear in the morning and there's no worries--but by afternoon She's tip-toed into the picture.

The Mountain Bridge.

Phil is putting together the Trek at the shop, and he called saying he needed a part. I could get the part at the Tucson Trek Store--just $12.00--by making a slight diversion off the bike bath. I'd just take the Mountain Bridge to Ft. Lowell and Campbell, pick up the park, and then be back on the road for the commute home--before the rain started (was my hope, mes amis)

Share the Road and Eat the Dirt.

Umm. . . Mountain Ave is like way under construction. This could be a muddy mess if I was here during a Monsoon down-pour! Luckily, I made it, got the part, and was on my way back--back along the same route. It was slow going actually--all the street crews were ending the day and all the large dozers and equipment they had to park. It was hot and dusty and I had to wait a couple of times as the big machines rumbled past.

Behold! The Monsoon has arrived in Tucson!

The Monsoon clouds seem to shoot straight up as they meet the Catalina Mtn Range--then the clouds will spill over and we get the rain.

Yours on the bike.

This is turning out to be a hot muggy and gusty ride. Rain is right on the wind and a down pour could happen at any moment.

Mt. Lemmon meets the Monsoon.

I must tell you Gentle Readers of This Blog, that the headwind was very strong--I had to stop mid-way up the climb home to turn into the quick store to buy some Gatorade. I was out of water and it was so hot and humid that I began to feel the cramps in the legs coming on.

Still, I was able to relax because I felt the rain would give me a break--after her sibling the headwind whipped my ass around like a dried up leaf!



Big Oak said...

La monsoon c'est formidable! Awesome photos of the storm. Coupled with the mountains, they are spectacular.

Doohickie said...

You can practically feel the heavy air in those pictures. Very cool.