Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Lovely day to bike into work. As I walked out of the parking garage, where my locker is located, after stowing the bike, I was almost hit by a speeding car hauling ass into the garage entrance. I mean it was so close I could smell the stupid bitch’s cheap perfume—Fragrance de Park aux Traileur.

Startled, I yelled out, “WTF!!!” and she screeched to stop few lengths ahead of me. Seeing I was not road kill, she sped on and up the ramp to park the jalopy she was driving. I was still standing there in the crosswalk shaking—holy shit she almost ran me down, missed me by an inch.

Oh yeah, she’s a nurse at the Desert Sanatorium as she had on nurse scrubs. How would you like a nurse like that sticking a needle in you, huh? How about fuck no!

Cheers! Bruce

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