Monday, May 11, 2009

Day One -- Week By Bike

Another shot of me on Big Sexy this past Sunday.

I bought a new set of tires for the commute bike this weekend. Day one was okay as the tires are nice--a bit faster than the beat-to-hell set that wore out.

Temp will be 100 or over 100.

I took the fenders off the bike. Not that they're heavy or anything, just that I think I'm going make my Big Sexy Bike into the work-horse commuter for rain days--no rain is forecast for several months...

The boss is out of town for two weeks so I'm holding down the fort. She lets me put my bike in her office which is cool. It saves me about 8 minutes in the morning. I just ride into the office instead of the bike locker, where I have to un-pack everything and then walk a few blocks to our place.

Riding home after work, it was 101 degrees--I decided to take the bike path home to stay out of the traffic. The River Path has it's own challenges, Gentle Readers of This Blog--the wind roars through from the West like a Lion. The head wind was fierce, and with the heat made it even more so!

I spoke to the fellow in the river bed. I asked him if he had just jumped out of a plane! He said that this was not a parachute but a wing. Once he got up, he had an engine strapped to his back and he could take off. He was taking advantage of the strong wind to make some adjustment to the wing. If you look close (by clicking and opening up the photo) you can see he's got a cast on his leg--he said that has to heal up a bit before he flies again. I wished him good luck and went on my way.

The nice thing about the bike path is that for most of the route, you ride through a tube of trees. It is much needed shade and a shield from the hot gusting wind. This is more sane than the tube of metal and glass, and speeding cars I zip through should I take to the traffic.

I am feeling strong, but the wind and heat make me tire out quickly. My hope is to ride everyday for Bike to Work Week--but when I get home, often I am so tired I just want to have dinner and go to bed.

Best to ease into the 100 degree days.


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