Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike to Work Week, Day 2

Bike to Work Week Day 1 was a bit taxing on the way home. Not sure but Monday night when I got back everything was hurting. 101 degrees and headwind for the last few miles maybe got the best of me. Little Egypt had made some dinner and it was timed for right when I dragged my self into the house.

I was made to eat outside on the patio because Little Egypt told me I was too dirty, sweaty, and stinky. I was so hungry that I didn’t let Callie out with me to beg and get table scraps—all this food was mine!

After eating, I took a shower, changed into shots and a t-shirt, and then woke up later on the big rug Little Egypt brought back from Afghanistan—in Callie’s spot because the rug is soft and cool.

The site of me lying on the floor, fast asleep with the dog, is too much for Little Egypt to bear I think. Callie’s life seems to be going to the park, eating and sleeping. Mine at the moment seems to be riding my bike, eating, and sleeping.

I skipped Day 2 because I could not get myself going to pack the bike for the next day.
The day off was good and I felt better for taking a break.
Cheers! Bruce

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