Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey Big Sexy!

Hey, Big Sexy!

I have taken Big Sexy off the consignment list at Pima Street Bikes, here in Tucson--and decided I wanted to keep the bike after all. I had some inquiries to buy it, but interested parties wanted me to give it away, and pay shipping, etc, etc. So rather than let this bike sit in the bike shop for sale, I decided to put Big Sexy back on the road!

John and Kathy on the tandem. The fields and ranches of Marana and Avra Valley in the background.

We met up at John's house for a 5:30 a.m. start to this Sunday Morning Ride! Eric wants to ride and start early. We want to beat the 100 degree weather forecast for Tucson, and Eric wants to take it easy as he's not ridden much the last few weeks.

We stop at the Marana Municipal Airport for a quick breakfast.

Eric leads the way on this 40 mile flat course out to the One Lane Bridge in Avra Valley

Avra Valley is not much of a town. It's pretty remote. There were some other little towns out here but most of the populations died out in the 1918 Flu Epidemic. We'll let those people rest in peace and just go out to the Bridge and then turn around.

Home Sweet Home, mes amis...

Where will the road lead us to this fine morning?

Ranch lands and rugged hills.

One Lane Bridge.

We find a shady spot to take a rest for a few minutes before we head back.

I'm riding Big Sexy, which is a 1984 Raleigh Marathon. The steel frame size is 27 inches, or 69 cm--the biggest frame size Raleigh made, according to Phil at the bike shop. We've been taking it easy for the trip out, and Big Sexy is holding up well. What can I say? This bike is huge and I feel like I'm sitting up on a horse.

Eric and John. We're taking a small rest before the sprint up Twin Peaks Road.

Kathy and Yours.

The sun's coming out and there's a bit of a headwind--a hint of green in the fields.

Big Sexy Sprint to the top of the Twin Peaks Road!

We made it--the one and only climb. And just in time--it's getting pretty hot and the morning is at full speed.

Cheers! Bruce

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Doohickie said...

I'll be riding my non-so-big sexy (25") '83 Marathon to work in the morning. Since finding an old 1973 Schwinn Varsity, I haven't been riding my Marathon for my recreation rides, and I've been riding my Nishiki hybrid to work. Time for a change of pace. Time for the Marathon.