Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bike to Work Day

My Raleigh Super Grand Prix fitted for bike commuting.

This last Friday was Bike to Work Day in Tucson. It was a long week for me and I am happy to report that I logged in 120 miles for four out of the five days. Two of the days temps were in the 100's with Thursday 96 and Friday about 98. But those highs are just in the afternoons. The mornings are beautiful and cool. Perfect riding weather.

I live 25 miles from the office. Each day if I were to drive the car, its 50 miles round-trip, or 250 miles a week.

What works best for me now is to drive 9 miles to the YMCA, and then ride in the 16 miles. In the mornings I add an extra mile climb--going home I cut out that mile to save time. It all evens out to a 30 mile round trip commute by bike instead of a 50 mile round trip by car.

Still, 120 miles this week wasn't bad--I drove 130 miles in a week instead of 250. To me that's pretty good.

I tried wearing street clothes this week instead of bike clothes. But the street clothes in this hot dry climate were just soaked with sweat in no time. Lycra works much better because you stay cool and dry. When I wore the cotton short over an old pair of bike shorts, the cotton shorts were wet and it looked like I had wet my pants.

Friday I was running late getting out of the office, but ran into some roadies I've got with before and they like to go fast. I got in the peleton and everyone took turns pulling (there was a strong headwind Friday afternoon) but I started to get tired after about three miles of ridding 22 mph. I just couldn't keep up--especially with the girl that kind of sets the fast pace. The guys told me she was a white-liner; and just to let her take off. Anyway, just riding with them put me right on schedule with my time to the YMCA. They pulled off and I made my climb up to the busy and dangerous intersection of Ina and La Cholla.

Traffic for the moment was light and there was a green arrow going left. I sprinted through the intersection the lone cyclist with all those cars grinding at the bit to be home after a long week.

The weekend I slept late--O! the joy, mes amis. Saturday night I went to Wing's Graduation Party--somebody (Eric's brother Brent) kept pouring me Mai Tai after Mai Tai--and I got rather out of sorts. Luckily I sobered up and was able to elude evacuation via Little Egypt.

Cheers! Bruce


Sir Bikesalot said...

"When I wore the cotton short over an old pair of bike shorts, the cotton shorts were wet and it looked like I had wet my pants."

Maybe you should try depends? Although amazingly absorbent I don't think they have perfected them for cycling yet though as they chafe something fierce. :) Kudos on riding so much last week. I was only able to get out one day but then again I was recovering.

Big Oak said...

Great riding! The way I figure it, every mile I can do on my bike to substitute driving my truck, the better for everyone. You are making a big difference. Good Job!

Try to stay cool. Anything over 85 degrees sounds really hot to me.