Friday, August 08, 2008

Tucson Monsoon Storm

My Raleigh Super Grand Prix has become quite the work-horse commuter bike. The handle bar bag carries my lunch, the Carridice Bag carries home office clothes from the work day.

A pouring Monsoon rain fell at the office. Just as it let up and I saw my chance to race to the bike path before another down-pour. The fenders kept me dry, Gentle Readers! There were lots of puddles to ride through!

On the way to the bike route, an idiot driver talking on his cell pulled out in front of me. How he missed not seeing me, with my glowing jersey, and my white strobe light, is beyond me. I applied the brakes to keep from hitting him broadside--as it was wet-- I had no brakes! I missed clipping his rear bumper by a few inches! It was quite a close call.

On the bike path... The storm seems headed to Dog Mtn.

A strong tailwind happens along, and I take hold--riding like a missile down the deserted bike path! Almost always I have that relentless headwind all the way home. Nice to have a break today.

I meet two other riders out for a spin. They're coverd in mud and oil from the road. I'm dry and clean from the fenders on the Raleigh. Salutaions exchanged and I give them a few directions they ask about--I'm off.

It got quite dark but the clouds didn't let loose as I pulled up to the YMCA and my car.


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