Wednesday, August 13, 2008

40 Miles on the Bike

Mt. Lemmon in the background as I'm heading East on Tangerine Rd at 5:45 a.m.

I've been riding 25 miles into the office in the morning, and then I get a lift home after 15 miles from the office back to the YMCA.

I rode Monday, Tuesday, and today Wednesday--120 miles.

Gentle Readers of This Blog, I must tell you that it's a chore to pack and get ready, but recently made easier as the wife has been folding my clothes for me in the evenings. She perfected this skill, I think, preparing for Afghanistan--and Smack Down with Taliban Forces!

Or the fact that Friday last week I drove in, but forgot to bring my week's worth of office attire...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

My 9 miles to the YMCA by bike is for the most part, suicide. At one point I have to get over about a mile of narrow crumbling asphalt on Magee Rd. I call it the Dragon's Back--fortunately in the morning there's light traffic--the Dragon sleeps as I glide over his back unnoticed.

This is Campbell and Sunrise, or Skyline--I can't be sure how the name changes going East. It ends the first part of my major morning climb. Thru that light and its fast down hill rollers for a few miles. Not much traffic here just before 7 a.m. But if you're driving on this road about half hour later, the story is different; bumper to bumper with either old farts overly cautious, soccer moms and nurses on cell phones, or the super speeders.

Which means when they all converge to this intersection, the cyclists are going faster than the cars.


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