Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On the Road to Enlightenment

My climb up Ina Rd this morning beheld an incredible sight. I don’t know what kind of insects they were, or why they swarm in the manner I witnessed; swarming columns of a type of fly—they were columns I would say 20 feet high and five feet in diameter.

As the sun rose and the rays spilled over Mt. Lemmon, suddenly I could see these columns of flies glowing yellow, orange, and red—the columns waved softly like transparent flags, made up of tens of thousands of said tiny flies.

I shall describe Ina Rd for you—it is four lanes, and there is a median between West bound and East bound. Desert plants thrive and bloom on this long strip. As I’ve made my way up this my commute route, I’ve come across the largest rattlesnake I’ve ever seen in my life, making his own way on the median—cars passing us both at 50 MPH.

As I looked East and up Ina Rd – I must tell you that I saw at least 100 of these swarming columns of light and insects for those few moments when the sunlight hit just so—and then around the next bend and down the road—even more! Each column almost 20 to 30 feet apart, to where I’m sure a certain type of flower or bush has been planted.

Now the Sun is coming up in a different position in the sky. I can tell this because I arrive at certain places on my route at about the same time every morning. Gradually over time I notice the changes.

I just like to think that this event with the insects (which I am sure is of a sexual/reproductive nature) happens only with this supple change in the sunrise, air temperature, and amount rainfall.

Of course we're all aware of Summer Winter Spring and Fall—but what about everything in between?

The changes a ray of sun light can have on a Summer’s Morning…
It transcends pavement, steel, and Man.

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