Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday Spin

My neighbor Doug, from Vermont, came with me on a short training ride. I set up one of my bikes so he could ride with me. He had a blast! Check out that helmet--I'm going to ask him to give to me--it's a museum artifact!

Relax and enjoy the ride, Bruce...

Doug and I are heading West on Moore Rd, back home from having a coffee and danish at Doug's favorite cafe up in Rancho Vistoso.

Monsoon clouds park themselves atop Mt. Lemmon.

A quick side trip through the "Environmentally Friendly" tunnel the unscrupulous developers blasted outta the mountains. You have to be very very wealthy to own a shack in Saguaro Ranch--lots start at 3.5 million dollars.

This is just a lucky shot I somehow got of Doug in the tunnel.

This was a fun 30 mile ride, and I believe Doug wants to do more cycling. He's been a runner for years, but is having a knee problem as of late. The bike ride really was good for his morale he said.

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