Thursday, May 01, 2008

“April is the Cruelest Month” Welcome May

Tucson is having wind, Gentle Readers of This Blog. My morning commute is good as my route hugs the mountain ridge and wind seems to have other areas it wants to taunt.
As you know, riding home the same route is much too dangerous, even for a strapping velonaut like Yours. I’ll try it again sometime and report the perils, mes amis.

Riding home has been like a blast furnace all of April. The wind is gusting from West to East, 25 to 30 MPH. There is 15 miles of misery for me if I’m not fully hydrated and if I have failed to eat at least 200 or 300 calories before I leave the office. If I don’t, I will bonk on the last three-mile climb to the YMCA.

With gas here in Tucson at $3.30 a gallon, and me putting in 90 miles last week on the bike (which is commuting three out of five days) I’ve had to be filling up every 7 days as opposed to every 5—so I’m happy about that. And it seems that each time I do fill up, the cost of gas has jumped up a bit more.

Life events are changing and I may be able to attempt 5 days a week this month—or more, of commuting to work by bike.


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