Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ride Home Last Night

This is about mile 9 into my 15 mile commute home. A bit remote out here so I don't see many runners or other cyclists. Busy River Rd would be several hundred yards to the right of the photo I snapped. I took River Rd in this morning and it was pretty fast and traffic was light.
This is the route home that you see because its just safer with less traffic. Riding River Rd in the afternoon is quite congested, and I've done it many times--too many cars turning right into shops and businesses, and with the sun in their eyes they can't see a cyclist too well--thus the scenic bike lanes of the park.

I'm also heading due West, and the afternoon head wind is always there to blast me. By the time I turn and head North for my climb home, I'm pretty tired, as I was yesterday afternoon. Best to pace myself for the climb.

I enjoy the sky, mountains and sunshine. Birds and lizards dart about, and I saw several baby bunny rabbits. They are cute, and so think the owls, hawks, and coyotes. I'll be seeing them occasionally as well.

I'm riding home tonight the same way as usual. I will try to get some good photos but mostly the sun is blazing so, and well--I just want to get home.

Cheers! Bruce

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