Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ride Report and Photos

This is from early Monday morning. Gear packed in the car.

Monday morning was windy, as weather is coming up from the coast of Mexico, and over into California and Arizona. Here I am at the top of Sunrise Ave, just a few blocks from Swan. This is the top of my morning climb.

Then wind was from the South and my whole climb was in this unusual headwind. I often ask myself, when the cramps in my legs begin while sitting at my desk: why am I doing this? Love? Show off? Cause I can? To save the planet? To save gas? To have an excuse to write a blog? Hmmm... How about that one!

Okay, this is last from last night' ride home. Clouds come into beautiful Tucson, AZ, USA.

The headwinds were fierce, Gentle Readers--Fierce!

River Bike Path and clouds--and head wind. It's nice and cool. That's good because where's my water bottle? Oh--back at the office.

Yep--I'm gonna be thirsty.

To know true beauty is to endure the sweet and sorrow
To know a warm spring and a cold sun
A fierce wind and lightning flash
So close it could have killed

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