Monday, May 19, 2008

Urban Century

100 miles and 100 degrees...

North of Camel Back, Scottsdale, Arizona--somewhere in the Hood at 5 a.m.

70 degrees as we roll out of Steve's shack in Scottsdale, for South Mtn Park. Since there's no traffic this early in the morning, we're able to fly through the heart of Pheonix. Normally we'd have lights and some warmers. Its different this time being able to see the city so early in the morning, with no cars roaring down the roads.

Coming into Tempe, Arizona, and the the ASU Campus. There's the Old Mill on Mill Ave.

ASU Campus. I think that's a historic Frank Lloyd Wright theatre in the background. Bush and Kerry debated there back in 2004.

We cross one of many of Pheonix's freeways to get to our favorite breakfast place.

Riding along, thinking about breakfast!

As soon as we arrive, the place fills up! South Mtn Park is about 8 or so miles--a nice warm up before we start.

The ride begins... We're in South Mtn Park, Pheonix, Arizona. Already at about 7:30 a.m. the sun is getting hot! We also have some strong wind.

Pretty hot out here.

Steve, Star of The Blog, battles the head wind!

Summer is here, Gentle Readers!

We won't climb to the TV Towers today. Its almost 90 degrees and lots of wind. We want to get back because it will be pushing 100 degrees by the time we get back to Muledale.

As a cyclist in Arizona, one must give up sleeping in--we left for our trek at 5 a.m. right at sun rise. Already half way into out ride its pushing 90 to 95 degrees.

Steve rides strong, as always. The wind has helped keep us cool as we ride. The desert is beautiful and the birds, flowers, and cactus are well worth seeing from the bike. But go early to avoid the heat. Today we carried an extra water bottle. I seem to run out of water as we're going through the Scottsdale neighborhoods...

Now what I call the slog--Steve and I will ride through Pheonix and it is going to be hot!

The Old Mill--now we have to be careful because traffic has picked up around the Campus.

Some fast rollers in Popago Park.

The pavement is smooth and we can ride fast and gain some time.

Now just relax and take our tour of the back streets of Scottsdale. Many people don't care much for Pheonix. I think the people are actually pretty friendly, and Scottsdale is where the very rich folk live, but they are always friendly and say hi and wave as we ride through. Its just that its so damn hot--starting about now.

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Sir Bikesalot said...

Sounds like you guys got a good hot ride in. Record heat today and I have to commute home in 106 degrees! Not too many days left when it will be a wise idea to climb South Mtn. until summer is over.