Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bike To Work Week—Day 2


Last night—wind slapped me around like a scorned girlfriend, Gentler Readers, but then a tailwind up La Cholla for the climb was the kiss-and-make-up. Again, missile-like speeds up-hill which is a mind-blowing trip after a vengeful headwind for over ten miles.

Problem with the bike however—riding the LeMond for Monday and I hadn’t thoroughly checked it out. I think I need a new chain. This morning, because rain was forecast, I last minute switched-out the LeMond back to the Raleigh. In doing so I messed up the front fender.

At my YMCA parking spot, I struggled to fix said-fender but became frustrated—the time to clip in and ride (to get to work on time—for an 8 am sharp appointment) was quickly passing. I couldn’t get the wheel or the fender to sit right. Had to bag it and drive moi voiture.

This is a day I really wanted to ride. Yeah I can curse the wind anytime, but today is a beautiful cool day—for May here in Tucson—and a chance of rain is also in the air. This again is very rare for Tucson with rain in May. I just wanted to see, smell, and feel the rain on my face. Kind of like when it rained and you couldn’t wait to play in the puddles—that’s the feeling today.

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