Saturday, May 10, 2008

Week By Bike

I logged 120 miles on the bike this week. I took one day, Wednesday off for a rest day. The photo from above is on River Rd and Dodge Ave. This is all new roads and bridge and bike path--and I'd say it represents the link from one side of town to the other, by bike and by car.

I also believe that the photo above is from Friday. When I ride home, I take that bridge, which is the new Alvernon Bridge, West and then connect to the River Bike Path for my commute home. Tucson folks will recognize Thimble Peak, which is there in Sabino Canyon, and Mt. Lemmon futher back. The morning is still a bit cool in the river breaks, and the wind did its best to discourage me this week.

Thursday morning and as you can see, the sun is brilliant. I do need to wear bright clothes because it is a bit hard for motorists to see me throught that glare--but it is getting a bit better as now we're in May. The sun has moved to its position in the summer sky--and its getting hot!

My Raleigh Super Grand Prix--what a ride! Smooth and classic, built for this kind of riding I do declare. I'm been seeing and riding with a few regular commuters too. Kelly, who rides for a club here in Tucson, is my age and looks 30 and rides like he's 20--we've been making that long climb together up La Cholla to Ina. Also a young guy named Gabe has climbed up with me, and he's trying to ride at least three days a week. And now I often ride with a fellow commuter named Charles whom I hook up with around TMC. He's riding almost everyday as well. No doubt about it, we all feel safer when riding in a group. My four days of commuting have not been without a few close calls--motorists on cell phones not paying attention, and turning if front of me, or not stopping at stop signs have topped the list.

Alan! Wanna be in the Blog?

Friday morning, my friend Alan spied me unloading the bike at the Y. You can't miss that Rando Jersey! Alan was swimming laps and getting ready for a triathlon. I hadn't see Alan in a while so we caught up on things. His brevet season was hampered by injuries, and we both talked about how tough it is to come back from those--and ride 300, 400, or even 600 kilometers. Alan also made me aware of some training ideas--I'm talking up my decsion to ride the 252 in October--now only 5 months away, Gentle Readers of This Blog!

Friday evening, four days commuting and 120 miles in the saddle. I feel pretty good about that. Bev and I went to dinner later that evening, after I took Callie to the park. We ate and I had a few cold beers to wash everything down--then I was falling asleep right there in the restaurant. But that's okay--Saturday I'll sleep late.

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