Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ride Report--Flat tire at the start

The Monsoons are trying hard to start up--and will any day now! But that makes for some humidity--and last night was no exception. I just couldn't seem to drink enough water, mes amis. I had to make a stop at a Circle K on LaCholla for water, and I had to buy some Doritoes for some carbs--I was starving. The ride home is much easier and I will not attempt to ride Skyline and Ina in rush hour.

But I did ride in again this morning--but as soon I was off and down the road a ways the real tire was flat. No big deal. A quick tube replacement and I was off. Well, I have to say that this commute will be getting me in shape. Its mostly climbing unitl Skyline and Campbell--after that it is fast down hill rollers. A cyclist can ride fast, but people are driving fast and there's not much room. Cars are going past me at 50 mph plus--but when everyone has to slow down or things get bunched up because some snowbird is on his way to a tee-time--I shoot right on by, Baby!

Oh yeah, I brought an extra bottle of Gatoraide, and some pop tarts for the ride home tonight.

Tomorrow is a rest day...

Allure Libre!

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