Sunday, June 25, 2006

El Mega Weekend

The Start of El Mega Weekend. 5:15 a.m. at I Hop. We left Scottsdale at 4 a.m., mes amis! Oh yeah, as we saddled up the neighbor's donkey heard us and started "hee hawing" to annouce our depature to the entire block. You wounldn't think that Scottsdalianites would have a donkey, but when you're wealthy and eccentric I guess you can do whatever with your ass...

Beautiful ASU Campus, Tempe, Arizona--USA Baby!

South Mountain by 8 o'clock!

Steve looks for Endurolites.

Its cooler up here, but you can't stay long. The ride home will be grueling with the heat.

Locals relaxing after the climb before they head down.

The big guy makes it to the top yet again. Steve and I felt pretty good about meeting our goal of South Mtn by 8 o'clock--I started out hurting--but so was everyone. Even as early as we started, the heat was brutal.

Coming down I relaxed--and I think I rode down a little faster. But you wouldn't want to get too comfortable. If you were to mess up going down Summit Drive you would certainly get yourself killed. So I just try to enjoy the feeling of flying, and live to ride the Mtn again another day!

On the way home, I snapped this old church in Guadalupe--this side of the tracks is Mexican. We go over a bridge and the Anglo surburban sprawl begins.

Driving back on Hwy 51 there was a pickup on the shoulder burning. It was kind of cool. I tried to get my camera ready, but this is the best shot I could get. A Hwy Patrolman waved his arms, saying to everybody to just keep moving. I'm glad because I needed to get home!

Beck at the Rialto Theatre

My Man, Beck. This show was awesome! The Rialto is a cool old theatre and not that big, so we were able to see well an were up close. Beck and his band Rocked the House. Speaking of Howse--he keep putting a big glass of beer in my hand the entire show.

Oh yeah--there weren't any seats in the theatre. They had taken them out. So I had to stand for about three and half hours, packed in the crowd. Because I started getting bad leg cramps right before I left Steve and Kim's place--I had this awful fear that the 90 miles that morning would catch up with me--and my legs would give out. Luckily the didn't give out until we were back at Stef and Angela's place. They let me crash on the couch in the living room--I'd been up almost 20 hours.

Thanks to Kim for the gormet lunch after the 90 miles. Thanks to the Walz Compound for a quick dinner before the Beck Show, the couch, and for breakfast this morning. Now I must nap and do laundry and all that other stuff to get ready for the week.

Allure Libre!

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Stefan Walz said...

Awesome post. We were so tired on Sunday afternoon. El Mega weekends are just mucho loco at this age. However, the Beck show was a good time and we look forward to releasing the new team jersey this Sunday. Hopefully our spokeswoman will make a guest appearance!