Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shoot Out on Mountain

Biking home, I was cruising, or getting ready to cruise down Mtn Ave when I started passing all the cars--which means something's up.

Lots of people, mainly students, looking a little shocked/intense--I'm getting closer and see cop cars with lights--and them an ambulance--and then heavily armed SWAT.

Everything is frozen--and I'm gliding through like a knife. SWAT guys stand in the road holding back traffic. They signal me to stop. Then they look at each other, and wave me through, and I go through very slowly. Everyone is frozen and and looking like they can't believe what they've just seen. SWAT guy looks at me as I pass. His face says don't look, but I look--and this is the real deal. Dead man in the street. Blood. Cops with the stare in their eyes.

Must have been something heavy that just went down. Luckily I was not there when it happened--car chase probably down the bike lane until the guy pulled into the side street--then all Hell breakin loose...

Because all traffic was held up--the road was mine. But I had a sick uneasy feeling. Death was certainly about that late afternoon. The bike gives you a different perspective-- Creeps me out just thinking about it...

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