Friday, September 24, 2010

To the Pub

I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA--back home to see my family for a few days. My cousin, Sally was in town from Hawaii and it was great to see her! As it was my mom's and her's Birthday--we went to the "Pub" in Tulsa.

My Mom and Sally at the pub.

About the only thing British about the pub we went to, Gentle Readers of This Blog, is my cousin Sally. She grew up in Houndslow, outside London. To make a long story short, all the Chandlers living in England visited Hawaii. This was just after WWII. Sally's father Collin Butement, was actually from New Zealand. Anyway, they liked Hawaii so much that they decided to stay. As they're island people, Hawaii suited them fine--I actually find Oahu too crowded and Hawaii claustrophobic--nice to visit but I could never live there, mes amis.

Sally is the last of the family still living in Oahu--all the rest moved to New Zealand for jobs and education and not the Mainland (US) I've not met them but I believe there's a few cousins my age in Perth and Auckland and it would be fun to visit. Sally come to the Mainland US about every two years and then on to England to visit friends.

Some of the family--Mom, don't drink my Guinness!

Sally and Yours in the pub.

My Sis and Niece, Olivia...

God Bless the Queen and Cousin Sally!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed some of my vacation pictures!

Cheers! Bruce

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