Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Sexy Kansas

Sunflower is the State Flower of Kansas.

Last week I drove cross-country across New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma--and then up to Kansas to see Little Egypt and Rico. It took three long days as I brought Callie along. I made a quick stop in Tulsa at the old Homestead, and then on my way to Lawrence.

On the Road--Kansas, USA.

I brought Rico's set of drums from Tucson, some of his recording equipment, clothes for school--and I brought Little Egypt's bike as they live less than a mile from campus and work. I brought my 1984 Raleigh Marathon, or "Big Sexy" so I can put some miles in past the farms and little town of Kansas.

Callie as navigator.

Callie is 14 years old and seems to enjoy the trip. She did well and sleeps mostly. There was just enough room for all the stuff I brought and then Callie and I packed in tight--my 2004 Hyundai Elantra 5-speed did very well! I'm quite pleased with its performance--we made it, and I'm sure we'll make it back to Tucson.

I'll try to write more as time permits!

Cheers! Bruce

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