Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Morning Workout

Another cool September morning, a break from the hot and humid summer workouts we've had the last few months.

Boss and I are waiting at the light, here at Campbell and Ina--on the left is Tucson, and to the right you can just make out A Mountain.

Boss on Catalina Hwy.

While on route to our destination this morning--a workout up to Molino Basin--we spied a pack of about 30 cyclists and got moving to catch them. That was the hard part trying to get to the pack, but once we were there, the other cyclists invited us to join the group. They were on their way to ride up part of the Catalina Hwy as well. So we hung out in the pack, rode fast and in a tight bunch, but for some reason the group leaders need to pull off the road on Tanke Verde a few miles before the start of the highway--Boss and I decided to keep going on our planned workout.

Usually pretty hot here the first few miles for the ride up to Mt. Lemmon, but this morning its cooled down and that makes the ride up wonderful indeed!

This is a great time of year to be on the bike and riding up Mt. Lemmon Hwy.

This is looking back to about the half-mile mark from Mile Marker 0-- it feel cool and fresh in shade!

I'm feeling strong on the climbs, and Alan and I are now training harder on the hills. Would it be a few summer months earlier, by now we would have been hot, dripping with sweat, and drinking all our water.

What a view, mes amis!

Boss climbing with me...

Heading up the road!

Setting the pace for the workout...

We ride by a few cyclists on the way up, and see many coming down--probably turning around where we're about to turn around just around this curve in the road.

On our way with some fast descents! Alan is a master at high speeds going down--and Mt. Lemmon is his regular training ground--so he knows these curves well. I on the other hand, am still working on the high speeds and I think it will take me some practice before I feel comfortable at 45 and 50 MPH.

We make a quick stop for water before we head out for home.

This is the final stretch of the way home, here on Sunrise headed to Swan and then where my car's parked.

For the way home we took the hilly rollers on River Rd and rode very fast and hard. The road is narrow and there's a bit of traffic to keep you on your toes, but we set a fast pace and felt strong. Cheers! Bruce

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Big Oak said...

Glad to hear it's cooling off out there too. It's been hot this year, eh?