Friday, September 03, 2010

Le Tigre and the Morning Commute

Le Tigre

Old School Chum, and cunning rouler, Ryan "Le Tigre" Last Name Withheld by Request, and Yours--met up for my lovely morning commute to the Desert San, here in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. Te Tigre is fast--and we really push it (at least I have to push it to keep up with him) and this morning we set some record times for my ride time to the office. No time to reflect on how suddenly it is September, Gentle Reader of This Blog, and the air is just a bit cooler these days.


I've left all my junk at the office so I can ride light as possible. Again, Summer is over and now its Fall--lots of cyclists out because the heat has subsided--but hey I rode all Summer and sweat a river! I feel fit because of all the tough climbing every morning and having it be like 90 degrees. Even with all my commute saddle bags and a riding a big steel bike most of the time to work, I drop the fair-weather riders on the commute route. Now spinning with Le Tigre, we are flying up and down the long fast rollers for my morning ride in.

At the intersection of Ina and Campbell--here is where Ina turns into Sunrise as you go West, mes amis.

Some cloud cover gives us a break from the glaring morning sunrise--the Sun is in a bit different place in the sky now, you can tell. Hard part here is that it can be difficult to be seen by car drivers, so wearing white or a bright jersey helps, as well as blinky lights.

Getting ready to descend down to the San on Craycroft Rd.

Le Tigre and I catch and will pass a group that's been out this morning. They see us and try to out-run us, but we catch them at River Rd.

Riding fast with Le Tigre!

We arrive at the San just after 7 am--that was fast! Le Tigre suggests we go out and hit the hills for a good fast climb, seeing as I've got some time to spare. Okay let's go for it I say, so we're off to climb back up Swan to Sunrise, and then back down Craycroft. We figure we can do this loop in about 30 minutes or so.

Riding up Swan. We do another fast loop and head back to my office.

Another fast ride with Le Tigre! He's off to get back home while I get ready for work. It felt great to ride in the cool September air--but I have to tell you, I was pretty beat by the end of the day--I'd say completely worn out. I'll need a rest day to recover, and be ready for some serious training with the Boss Sunday morning.

Thanks for reading!

Cheers! Bruce

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