Thursday, September 02, 2010

Someone to Ride With

Early morning on the road, mes amis!

I was running late to get out the door but I made it. Just as I was heading up Ina to Oracle Rd, a young woman pulled out from a neighborhood street, so I followed. I caught up to here and we rode together for awhile, trading places pulling each other through the head wind--she was very strong--and we made good time climbing up Ina.

I wish I could tell you how to pronounce her name but I'm pretty sure she was from Mexico by her accent. She told me that the draft from riding behind me was incredible, and I told her that's what a lot of the blokes I ride with say as well!

She also commented on my old Raleigh, my saddle bags, and the big tires I have on the bike. "You ride very strong to have all this--and just for a commute to work!" What I didn't tell her was that I was having to work very hard to keep up with her...

She turned off on Swan and I kept going up to Craycroft. It was good to ride with a fast cyclist as I made up for all the lost time messing around at home before I left earlier in the morning. I was at the San in no time at all.

Another flat!

Summer is still hanging on, Gentle Readers of This Blog, and I will tell you that it was about 103 for the ride home--but before I even can get started about that--yet another flat tire. These are demoralizing--after a long day at work and gearing up to ride home, open the bike locker to a flat.

Quick I got to work fixing the flat so I could get over to see Phil and Judy at the bike shop before they closed...

Please be open please be open please be open! Yes!

Professor Phil at work...

Phil was there and saw me coming so he let me in. We topped off the air in the tire, as you can only use the hand pump and get so much in--and I bought two extra tubes for back-up.

Top of the climb up Swan Rd--I'm just in the left turn lane for bikes...

As it was a little bit later in the evening, there were many more cars on the road. Usually I'm pretty much into my commute home before everyone is off at 5 o'clock--but tonight it's busy, mes amis. No worries! I get to the YMCA and then I'm home.

Cheers! Bruce

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